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It's been studying season for me as I'm nearing my yearly exams! So I thought, what better way to demonstrate how I study by making a post about it? Hope this post will give you motivation and ideas on how to up your studying game :3

I'm aware this may not work for some, but I am a visual learner so if you are, hope this guide helps! (If you're not sure what type of learner you are, click here.)

So, let's get started!

1.     Write down on overall summary of notes
  • Write it in a lecture book first
  • Then type them up (I like my notes visually appealing, therefore neater)
  • Max 7 points (to avoid cramming too much info)
  • Max 3 examples
  • Insert the syllabus into the notes by using it as a guide for sub headings.
  • Add tables, diagrams and bold/italics
  • Start typing your notes as soon as the topic in that particular subject is over, this avoids you from writing your notes last minute before a test.
When it's close to exams, alternate two and three
2.     Study off it
  • Highlighting
  • Palm Cards
  • Watching educational videos for more background info (I strongly suggest Crash course on YouTube if you're studying history/science/English)
  • Sticky notes
  • Rewriting
  • Find a word or Cross words (great for terminology)
  • Stick your notes everywhere as a constant reminder!
3.     Practice
  • Previous test questions
  • Previous exercises
  • Chapter Reviews
  • Make up your own questions
  • Questions on the Internet
And that's how I study for a test! Alternating between studying and practising the questions will make it easier to remember, as you're remembering and applying the information at the same time. My final advice is to never give up on studying and always remember to find time and relax, exams are important but so is your health! (and sanity haha).

Thank you for reading and study on! Please let me know if you like these kind of posts, as I'm thinking of writing a post about how to get motivated to study in the future.
Question of the week: How do you study?
xxx HML

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