10+ Spring Smart Phone Wallpapers

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Ok first of all, isn't my thumbnail cute?! Thank you past creative Helen who made it last night!
Ok back to the topic. Despite Spring already upon us, it's still pretty gloomy. Looking outside my window right now, I can hear the howling wind battering the poor leafless trees, raindrops endlessly spitting on the glass and the sky as grey as the lack of humanity in this world. (Okay I am quite dramatic). But seriously though, it's not surprising that I'm suffering a lack of excitement for Spring right now. So, I turned to searching up spring smart phone wallpapers!
I was inspired to do this because I distinctly remembered reading Eva's blog post on her favourite summer lockscreens (which you should seriously read) and I loved her options, so I quick search of Google led me to these 13 girly and feminine options for wallpapers! Hope you like them!

Question: What is your favourite wallpaper?
xxx HML

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