21 Favourite NYFW Street Looks (Spring & Summer 2016)

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I live for NYFW Street Looks.
Sitting at home on the laptop (eating chocolate) makes me wish that I were in New York City: surrounded by the beautiful lights, unique people and the sound of excitement, movement and progression. And yes I have to agree, NYFW street looks are not making me feel any better!
Aside from my first world struggle, here are 21 of my favourite street looks of the 2016 Spring and Summer NYFW!

I absolutely loved and was drop dead floored by these looks. Some gave me inspiration to play with quirky styles, colours and prints while some challenged my minimalistic style with different cuts and textures. This is why I love NYFW so much, not only the designer collections mind you, but also the displays of personal style, which provides fashion lovers like yours truly to have an insight into a person's character.
It really blows my mind that just wearing clothes is like a universal expression of identity. Weird right?! But so freaking awesome at the same time. The photography was also equally impressive, especially the candid shots, as they give a sort of 'in the moment' aesthetic which I really admire. Some shots were also 'pose' which looked fantastic as well, it seemed so effortless!
As always, these gorgeous ladies shown above rock, and if you didn't know already these photos are not mine and I did not take them (even though I wish I did), I simply did a Google images search.
Hopefully everyone is having a great day!
Question: What was your favourite look from above?
xx HML

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