9 Favourite NYFW Collections!

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So many collections, so little time.
Despite not physically being at the NYFW, thanks to the power of Vogue's helpful website *cue angel choir* I can still view all the collections and get a solid idea of the pieces, whether it be scrolling through images of models on the runway, or watching an interview of the designer’s comments behind their inspirations. I will link Vogue's website just in case you’d like to check them out for yourself!
Here I’ve listed 9 of my favourite collections and the 3 (if I really love it, more than 3) pieces I admired based on my personal style and interests, so just to confirm these aren’t the ‘best’ of NYFW and are entirely objective. I'd also have to point out another few points.
  • There were A LOT of collections to choose from, and if I had to choose out of all of them there would be WAY more than 9, therefore I have missed a majority of collections which is really saddening, so apologies! 
  • These aren’t in respective order.
  • To limit my selections to 9 only, I had to exclude many achromatic collections (as I like to experiment more with warmer, brighter colours in Summer & Spring). Much love to Vera Wang, Adeam, Givenchy, Pamella Roland, Rebecca Minkoff and Lisa Perry though, their collections were amazing!
So lets get into it!

NYFW Collections I Love

1) Badgley Mischka

I'm relatively new in the NYFW industry, so there are plenty of designers I have no idea about. One of these designers is Badgley Mischka, two male designers specialising in bridal wear. I was absolutely amazed by their pieces, they were so intricate, classy, feminine and magical! I will definitely look out for them, their collection was so dreamy! (That jumpsuit is to die for!) 
 2) Milly

There was a nautical aesthetic through out this collection, with a juggle of pattern and cuts. I often harbour (pun unintended) nautical looks as they're safe, classic and versatile, yet this collection challenges that concept through dramatic and daring features present in each piece. Fascinating!

3) Oscar De La Renta

Through my frequent scrolling on Polyvore, Oscar De la Renta was an occasional fashion name and I was quite familiar with his designs. I have not a lot to say because every darn piece oozes romance spectacularly, with lace, florals and feminine silhouettes galore! Rest in peace Oscar, because even after your passing your designs still slay <3

4) Tony Burch

Quirky colours work with Summer and Spring so well. Not only were the purses and shoes on point, details such as the crochet and gems really add an oomph to the pieces. So chic and major eye candy.

5) Jeremy Scott

I heard Jeremy from Moschino and his creative director position, and I really loved his work. Bright, Bold and Beautiful were the words that came to mind. So, when I saw his recent collection I knew it was 100% down my alley (and soooo him)! Bright bold colours shone through, with eccentric graphics and a retro 60's aesthetic. So cute!

6) Lela Rose

Lela's work played with line, direction and a whole lot of florals! Her collection was modern, contemporary yet feminine, some focusing on a simple silhouette contrasting with unique patterns and textures. They were closer to home for me, as I love pieces which feature a conflict with minimalism.

7) Tommy Hilfiger

The inspiration on Jamaica strongly resonated with this collection, the fun patterns and colours were so summery and lively! Fell in love instantly with the multi-coloured stripes <3

8) Carolina Herrera

Similar to Badgley Mischka tone, Herrara's collection is feminine and fairytale like, but I especially favoured the use of texture, cuts, line and shades of pink which makes her pieces so interesting and adventurous. I also love how youthful her designs are, I'd love to wear these!

9) Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane's lively collection was inspired by Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, fate and luck. Luck was definitely on her side (as always), because her pieces slayed the day! Exotic patterns heavily stood out from the show, while simpler neutral pieces balanced them out. Those gold accents were also gorgeous!
And those are all my favourite 9 collections! Again there were plenty more to choose from, so please check it out on Vogue's website (all photos were from the site, I just made collages). NYFW proves that 2016 Summer and Spring is going to be a fun year :)
Question: What was your favourite collection and or piece?
xxx HML

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