The Huge Chop

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Layered V Shaped Hair into a Lob?
When I first entered the hair dresser's I was pretty nervous. I've had this hair for a while now, and I wasn't comfortable enough to simply just remove 3/4 of it! However, I mustered enough courage and persevered to get this wonderful lob! (Long Bob).
There were multiple reasons why I opted for a lob. Aside from the difficulty in washing and brushing my long as heck hair, it was also impractical and not aesthetically pleasing on me. I needed something that would fit my face frame and meet my daily needs. Honestly, I never bothered to braid or dazzle up my former hair, as it was either too thick or too long. I've also slowly drifted away from my super 'kawaii' style, and needed something more classic and chic.
Now that I have my lob, I'm really inspired to try out new hairstyles and play around with my hair such as curling it, making buns and more. I'm so happy with my decision and I hope you'll like it!
Have a great day!
Question: Do you have a bob/lob? Are you satisfied with your current hair style?
xxx HML

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