Why I love 'WILD'- the recent EP from Troye Sivan

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When I recently heard about Troye's EP I was happy for him but pretty regular.
I was not underestimating his talents of course, but I was puzzled.
"How could he beat his previous chart topper 'Happy Little Pill'?" I mutter.
But regardless, I was convinced that I would buy his EP anyways and see for myself.
I'm not an expert in reviewing music so I dearly apologize, but to put it in simplest terms it was absolutely brilliant.
Every single composition on his 6 song EP was extraordinary, it was such a beautiful balance between Sivan's voice and the harmony of rhythms weaving in and out of the songs.
When Troye said his EP was personal he wasn't kidding. It's truly a collection of meaningful pieces of art, with beautifully crafted lyrics that really open your mind to his thoughts and feelings.
I also really love the feeling and tone of this EP, it's really consistent throughout all the songs. I can't exactly explain the 'feel' of it, however it's something you'll understand if you listen to any of his songs. (Now that I think about it, words like 'cool' and 'relaxed' come to mind.)
Every single song was such a thrill to listen to and if you're sceptical or haven't heard of his EP I STRONGLY urge you to purchase it, it's literally perfection. Certainly one of my favourites in a while!
I wish I could talk in depth about each song but I really don't want to spoil it, it's truly an experience.
Hope you are all enjoying your week!
Question: If you've listened to Troye's recent EP, what's your favourite song? I can't choose- I love all of them gahhh!
xx HML

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