Why you SHOULD love Style more than Fashion

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Style and Fashion are two entirely different concepts.
If I could define them in my own words, Fashion is the wide range of clothes offered in stores such as ‘trendy’ or ‘straight off the runway’ pieces. Style however, is your take on fashion, and the selected pieces you tend to go towards reflecting your own personality and interests. In the great words of Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, Style is internal.”
It worries me however, (and rightly so) when I see people nowadays drifting towards fashion instead of searching for their own style. I am a hypocrite at this I have to admit, and I understand how hard it is not to chase after fashion trends at the risk of being called “so last week/season/year”, or even worse a “fashion faux pas”.
However, I can’t stress this enough when I see people opting for trends to dominate their wardrobe, instead of using fashion as a tool for self-expression. It’s like chasing after what’s ‘new’ and ‘current’ instead of focusing on what you like and what works on you as a person.  I often ask myself, what is my classic aesthetic? If I were clothes, which ones would I particularly be? What pieces would I be caught dead in? (Okay, that was a bit morbid).
Seriously though, I do not hate the idea of trends so please don’t get me wrong, I’m just merely disappointed how countless others use them to dictate their wardrobe, instead of using it as a tool to see which reflects their style.
Personally, I’m drawn towards those who have a distinct and original style, as the pieces they wear not only tell a story of who they are, but values that are integral to them and emotions they feel at the current moment. It’s a lot like walking art, which I love to admire and watch in awe. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a sense of what a person feels or thinks, just by looking at them? Style embodies that. A spontaneous colour palette could indicate a person is quirky and confident, while a minimalistic style could indicate a clear, quick thinking and simplistic natured individual.

Style is a creative form of self-expression which is not only something I aspire to discover but also an extremely fascinating concept overall.
What I found also discouraging was placing personal style into a ‘box’ such as ‘Boho’ or ‘Goth’. For those who are absolutely certain about their style, that is amazing! If you wish to label your style in your own interest that is fine. However I empathise towards those who are still discovering their taste and preferences but feel obliged to label themselves as one particular style. I’m here to tell you, please don’t do that. Style is not something that is definite and it could take years to find a taste you prefer. It constantly evolves as you change your views, values and preferences towards people and life in general. Style should not only be self-expression but also exploration into things that work for you, it definitely should not be restriction! Therefore it’s something that should be embraced, welcoming to change and playful at the same time. For example, if you like minimalism but also dramatic pieces that is absolutely wonderful! If you’re into romantic femininity and rocker chic at the same time that is also fantastic! And, even if you’re finding yourself opting for sexier or younger styles that is still okay! Do you!

In a constantly changing industry like fashion, the only thing predictable is that it’s entirely unpredictable. One season turtlenecks are seen as geeky, the next season as chic. It’s absolutely exhausting and exhilarating at the same time trying to catch up with trends in the fashion world. Yet in style, nothing can really go wrong. With its determining factor being entirely subjective, there is really nothing else to do except staying true to yourself and what you stand for. And that ladies and gentlemen, is my reasoning behind why Style is so much better than Fashion.
Question: If you had to describe your style what would it be? Are you still discovering your style?
xxx HML

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