Feeling Uninspired: 30 Blog Post Ideas

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From sarahsarna.com

Ever felt uninspired and or have no idea what to write about?
Well, have no fear because I have 30 blog post ideas revolving around fashion, thoughts and lifestyle!

1)      20 random facts about me

2)      5 outfit ideas with one piece of clothing

3)      5 books/films/shows I’m interested in

4)      Favourite go-to hair styles

5)      My favourite place in the world (name/description/why)

6)      Lazy day outfit

7)      9 Things to do when you’re feeling down

8)      Favourite songs (and why you love them)

9)      Desk Tour

10)   Ways to organise your daily life

11)   My morning/night routine

12)   Favourite colour palette (examples of outfits/rooms with colour palette)

13)   7 things important to you

14)   6 fashion trends you’re loving

15)   Ways to relax/de-stress

16)   Instagram/Photography diary of the season/month

17)   10 favourite sweet treats

18)   10 ways to add pizazz to your outfit

19)   Workout routine

20)   Cities you’d love to visit

21)   Goals and Aspirations

22)   Message of positivity and motivation

23)   10 of your must haves/classics in your style/wardrobe

24)   ‘What’s on your phone’ tag

25)   Favourite Bloggers/YouTube Channels

26)   Simple yet chic outfit look book

27)   ‘What’s in your bag’ tag

28)   The biggest achievement you’ve ever accomplished

29)   50 things you’d like to do before you die

30)   The best memorable experience you’ve had.
And that’s it! Hope it gave you motivation and inspired to write something! If you’ve done any of these ideas, make sure to comment below with your blog post link so I can check it out!

Question: Which one did you like?

xxx HML

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