How to: Deal with a Bad Day

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Dear (insert your awesome name here),

Sometimes, a day takes a tremendous toll on you. Sometimes, it's just too much for you to take in all at once. Sometimes, everything feels like it's going wrong. Sometimes you wake up, with no prior knowledge that the sequence of events you're about to face will be the most foulest of days.
But. That is okay.
It's perfectly normal to feel down sometimes, after all it's often said that without a little rain here and there, there would be no rainbow for you to marvel at.
As a moody angst teenager it's commonplace for me to experience awful days, and throughout my high school life I've had to learn a few rituals on what makes ME feel better after a long day which I thought would be nice to share, especially those who are in the same position as I am. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Stop.

This first step is hard but very very important. You need to stop. Stop stressing, stop worrying, stop hating yourself and stop working/studying for the time being. Right now you need to work on yourself, not beat yourself up. Put yourself first, because the worries and drama of the bustling outside world can wait. Please remember that you're worth more than all of the gold and precious gems in the world, either to your close friends, your family and even people who you assume don't care about you when in actuality they do. You are special and deserve all the happiness in the world, but you just have to acknowledge that now is a tempestuous storm that may seem horrifying and emotionally straining in the current moment but it WILL PASS (Gandalf can stfu).

Step 2: Eat.

I understand you're probably feeling like you have no more energy left, let alone take a bite but please eat. It's extremely important for your body to gain energy, nutrients and vitamins to keep you going so try to make something easy and light for yourself, whether it's leftovers, soup, eggs or even cereal.
After you've finished eating your light dinner, you can enjoy a little guilty pleasure. Whether it's a hot chocolate, ice cream or a piece of cake- you deserve it.

Step 3: Organise.

I'm really obsessed with organising because I feel like I'm all over the place if I don't sit out and write in my diary or plan out a day. So after dinner I would literally just plan out my homework, assignments or errands of the day. On awful days like these, I would push everything school/work/errand related on the next few days so I can spare tonight free. This ensures your brain that you're not completely out of tune with your productive life and also makes you way less worried about leaving things behind when you're resting. If there is something I really really absolutely need to get done, such as homework that's due tomorrow or a quick task that needs to be done now I will quickly get it over with but not too long to become invested in it, because you'll need to sleep early- especially tonight. Other ways to prep for tomorrow could be refilling your water bottle, making lunch and recess for tomorrow and taking stuff out of your bag.

Step 4: Shower/Bathe.

After dealing with all the crap today and making sure everything is held accountable for, it's time to scrub away the dirt and sweat and get ready for the long awaited slumber. I prefer showers, but if you'd like to take a bath, turn on some soothing music and light a candle. If you have a bath bomb use it too! If you're a shower person, make sure to scrub slower and lather body wash generously :) After you shower/bathe use body butter or moisturizer on your face and body, it sends a message to your brain that you're taking care of yourself while also making sure you're not drying your skin out overnight. Tip: I always brush my teeth and cleanse my face in the shower, it skips two steps! If you have a night routine such as putting on eye cream or acne management cream that's great as well!

Step 5: Chill.

Once out of the shower, dress yourself in comfy clothing and venture into bed, your final (and most desired) location. I know some people like to drink tea so if you'd like, do that! Normally I would reach over and either listen to a podcast on my laptop (I'm really loving Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil's soothing voice is amazing), knit, listen to music, read a book, watch a film or tv episode and my favourite- watch YouTube videos. Anything to keep your mind away from the prior events from today should work fine. Once done with all that, your eyes will grow weary and you can sleep, ready for tomorrow's fresh start :) Also, set up your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you would normally set it because you'll need it.

Step 6: Fresh Start.

When you wake up tomorrow, the destructive emotions can come back. Any regrets, long periods of sadness and frustration will hit you like a brick wall tomorrow so it's understandable that it's going to be a long morning tomorrow. I've heard saying positive messages to yourself works for some people so please try that! What I'd also like to do is envision how good the day will turn out and take positive action, whether its complimenting someone on the street or leaving a nice comment on social media. Starting the day right ensures you'll see the positive things through out the day rather than the negative :) Tip: I sometimes watch GMM (Good Mythical Morning) on YouTube, they're hilarious and have interesting short videos!
And that's it! If you still feel awful even after the following day don't give up. Sadness won't stay for long and it's important to persevere no matter what the costs. Do what ever makes you happy because life is too short to feel horrible all the time :)
Love you!
xoxo, HML

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