Spring Essentials: How I Combat for Spring 2015

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 It's been two weeks since I last posted! Excuses, excuses I know I know. But I really have a good one this time, school has come back and I've been vigorously trying to organise my life together and hopefully pull through another school term :( Starting Year 12 work has been pretty overwhelming for me, but more on the emotional side. I can't believe that I'm technically studying for my HSC (for all of you who don't know it's the final high school exam) and I really really hope I keep my stress under control, on top of my extra projects that I've been working on and pass my final exam with flying colours. Fingers crossed! (Also good luck for Year 12's currently doing their HSCs!!)
Ok so let's get into it!

My Spring Essentials

Looking a little closer...

I received these adorable feminine hair accessories from one of my closest friends after her trip to Turkey! It was so sweet that she thought of me (which makes them even more special and meaningful), and I can't help but admire how dainty and girly they look! These were in my possession when I had long layered hair, so I sort of gave up on styling my hair with these due to my frustration with those pesky layers and..... I never ended up using it. However, now that I have a neat short bob I've been adding these lovely accessories in my hair and it looks so cute! They're simply adorable: the gold, floral patterns and gems are right up my alley, and are perfect for adding that youthful touch to my Spring outfits!
I also received my sparkly not so real diamond bracelet from a dear friend as well, and it's just another nice touch I love to add on my outfits. It's so simple yet classic, I feel like I can never go overdone with a bracelet like this.
Ahhh, my trusty white washed blue shorts! These are literally my fave because it has such a vintage feel about it, and goes so well with my neutral tops as well as my pastel ones which is great! Nothing too much about it, except for a little zipline detail (one on each left and right side) that doesn't look too bad at all, adding a bit of personality and detail to my looks. I always bring these out every Spring, they are so versatile!
As for my sunscreen I've been using my Ego Sun Sense Ultra Spray, with an SPF of 50, giving me 4 hours of protection. Funny story about this product, I walked in Chemist Warehouse (a pharmacy) and to my surprise I noticed this spray! So as any stupid person would do, I thought this was the aerosol spray can version and I've always wanted one because it was sooo much easier to apply. And off I went, marching proudly to the check-out with the sprayer in my hand, and it was only until I hit the red trigger in which I realised.
Oh no. OH MY. It's a liquid spray, not the aerosol one!
Oh geez I am an idiot. So lesson learned, if it's significantly cheaper and NOT in a metal can, it's NOT an aerosol sunscreen can. Got it.
 So, while I'm hoping to finish up this sprayer and move on to an aerosol, I'd have to say: It is pretty good. Even though it's not like an aerosol, it's still pretty convenient. I love how immediately when I hit the trigger I can get an even amount of sunscreen in a second. It's a hella lot better than those squeeze versions where you have to estimate how much you want to squeeze and sometimes it ends up horrible because you got more than you wished for, forever making one body part a few shades whiter than the other ones. (Anyone feel me here). Advice: Make sure you spray carefully though, it is quite messy, especially the nozzle at the end.
My bowler hat! After seeing Taylor Swift wear one, I was dying to get my hands on one, they look so tailored and menswear inspired, perfect to contrast with a few feminine outfits! I also have bangs, which was a huge plus with these types of hats. It was a 16th Birthday Present from my closest friends which was so sweet and I just want to hug them for buying one for me! THANK YOUUU.
It was from Boohoo and I have to admit there were a few comments I wanted to express. The bow was a tad bit creased, with glue stains still sort of there. Even the bow was mismatched on each side of the ribbon. The brim and hat itself was also a bit wider then I thought (but now I've gotten used to it, so it's not so bad). I also  really admire the look of the wool-like surface, but I've made sure to take care of it because it's extremely attractive....to dust and fluff.

Flower crows are my bae I love them so much. I had gotten mine from Lovisa, after hours of persuasion (okay more like minutes) from my dearest friend and I finally chose this light purple one. It looks so charming, and whenever I wear it I want to run my fingers through an endless plain of wild flowers with a light breeze rustling my hair. I'M NOT JOKING IT LOOKS CUTE. As for face care related stuff, I had purchased this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face Sunscreen with an SPF of 30, lasting 2.5 hours (WOW that was quite a mouthful). Nothing really special, however it really does its job and provides a lightweight yet even coverage over my face after moisturizing which is excellent!
Here I've also got my Nivea Essential Care lip balm, not very special but again does its job. It smells great too! Mhmmm. Also, any other interesting lip balm recommendations?
In terms of facial wipes, I've bought a Colette by Colette Hayman cleansing wipes. It's been really helpful when wiping down my face after a long sweaty day at school (hey we actually need these in Australia's crazy weather) and I'm so thankful I bought these along with my bag purchase at the very same store. However, I still am totally biased towards Simple's Facial Cleansing wipes, it's much more moisturizing and has no scent which is a plus, and after using these I've been a bit iffy on scented products for the face (Except lips and creams of course). If you're looking for a more safer on the skin type of facial cleansers, I strongly suggest Simple's ones.
Finally, oh finally we have my Impulse perfumes. When I heard Impulse was having a repacking I was interested in having a look at their scents. Sure they were known for their 'cheap' scents that don't last very long but there's no harm in buying those when you're a broke teenager right?? I headed over to Priceline to check out a few scents out and no lie, most of them were quite strong. I know strong scents last longer but my nose cannot handle it! Eventually I picked out two of my faves, Love Story and Very Pink. I must confess, I was more in tune with their feminine floral scents and these two delivered. Love Story has a more slightly stronger, mature and romantic scent while Very Pink is a sweeter, flirtier fruity scent. Kisses to these two. 
FAN. It's been 33 degrees these past few days, and when the times are tough I know exactly what to whip out. Bought this when I was at Paddy's Markets (I believe) and its saved my life. Not literally. Maybe. Shout out to Magnum's ice cream collection, thank you as well. They are the real MVP.

 Favourite Clothes

In a country of intense humidity you've got to go all out on dresses, even if it's mid Spring. In this outfit I've adorned a gorgeous lace/crocket lace dress with my bowler hat. There is something like a smock/baby doll like vibe coming out of this dress. Maybe the sleeves? or the neck line? loose waist line? Either way, its so feminine and youthful, perfect for my hat. Shout out to the open back as well, the trimmings are so cute and help out in this hellish weather!
 I'm a minimalist at heart and stripes are second nature to me, especially if they are neutral coloured like navy and white. Here I'm wearing my loose t-shirt dress with these really simple solid coloured navy sleeves. I love the horizontal stripes, as I'm a more thinner type of girl, and these stripes help balance me out. In terms of the fabric it's really functional. I can't really explain it but it's made of this lightweight, thin swimsuit material that is so cool to wear (haha aesthetic and functional) and extremely comfortable on the skin.
And that is it! Sorry if it was long, hope it was equally informative as it was extensive! Spring is going to be a hot one this year I'm afraid (I'm more of a winter and fall type of girl you see) but I hope through these essentials I can power though this season.
Heck I might even enjoy it.
Have a great day!
Question: Do you have a spring essential?
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