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I was researching photos for my 'How to Deal with a Bad Day' post when I was distracted by a 'flower child' esque photo (below), of a girl gracefully lying down on a white bed, adorned with a gorgeous white flower crown while wearing a teal pair of shorts and a lace top. Everything was perfect, the lighting, the outfit, the relaxing tone and the pose. I've always been into photos like these, when they capture a natural effortless moment with an outfit that seamlessly blends with the tone of its surroundings. I haven't talked about photography in a while now (I really hope I can take a photo trip soon) so this is a perfect opportunity to showcase my favourite shots from other photographers and also inspirational spring looks :)
Note: these photos are not mine.

This one speaks for itself. Don't you love it when a lot of petals fall on the ground? I love how it creates something like Mother Nature's blanket, I just want to lie on the ground and create petal angels! The pink bike adds a cute touch to the photo as well.

What a gorgeous shot, I love how the flowers naturally lead your eye to the focal point- this lovely lady admiring the very same daisies. It's also meaningful how she's not looking at the camera directly, but chooses to close her eyes and look away, like she's enchanted in the moment and is absorbing the calming energy radiating from her surroundings. So *0*

This is a very unique yet interesting use of flowers. Rather than  the flowers just placed on her head, this was placed all over her face, around her wispy like hair. The orange filter gives the photo such a warm dreamy quality and she looks as if she's blindly in love or as if all she can see is natural beauty. 10/10 yess.

Daisies adorably lined up in a column? Check. Fun with shadows? Check. High Saturation? Mother freaking CHECK. The saturation really brings out the centres of the daisies, and the shadows add a dark grunge element to the photo. Literally eye heaven.

Another coffee photo, with an element of grunge and those beautiful lavender flowers (also don't forget the leaves). I love the centering of everything and I couldn't say no, this was the best coffee photo I've ever seen by far! GOALS.

The messy wavy 'bronde' hair, the falling petals and the long white dress is just PERFECT. These are one of my favourite 'in the moment' photos, captured flawlessly. Every thing in this photo exemplifies pure grace, from the fluttery dress to her relaxed twirling arms. This will always be one of my faves.

Looks just like a mermaid! To me it doesn't give a full summer vibe, but instead gives off a spring aesthetic for some reason. Is it because of the pastel pink hair or the clear water? I have no idea. But, it reminds me of a mermaid or a particular moment where I loved to take baths when I was a little, and I would always admire the ripples and the play of reflections in the clear water. So cool.

The extreme bright lighting accentuates the transparency of her pink tulle dress and it works SO well. This photo REALLY takes advantage of the sun, and the sun glare on the right adds such a beautiful touch. The hedges and the red flats she's holding gives such a cutesy aesthetic. I wish I took this photo, damn it's perfect!

The cut outs on the back of this dress looks amazing! The play of shapes adds an interesting feature on this romantic dress, giving off an effortless boho vibe. Her frizzy hair combined with the purple, yellow and green flower crown give off a flower child vibe and I just love it. The sun glare is also gorgeous too, makes me feel like I should go to a hippie festival of some sort! (Ahem Coachella maybe?)

Don't these flowers look so cute! I love the little leaves below the petals, like the full skirt of a ballerina dress! The backdrop is just as adorable, reminds me of a love letter or some kind, utterly romantic and youthful.

Grunge meets drop dead wondrously gorgeous. Those dark passionate coloured leaves contrasts well with the delicate romantic flowers. The photography is simple but it works, however it's hard to argue that Mother Nature won this round.

Bokeh is my obsession, so flowers paired with bokeh was a NO BRAINER. I have fond memories of this type of flowers. I used to take long walks with my mum, and she called them 'paper' flowers because of its petals. They're so unique and I've always had a little space in my heart for them. Plus I love the harmony between man made and nature!
And that's it! Hoped you liked my Spring Inspo, and enjoyed my photography commentary. Again I found these photos on google images so all credit goes to the photographers, I'm just sharing my love for these pieces of art! Thanks again for reading!
xxx HML

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