OOTD #2: Minimally Urban ft Dash of Red

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 Everything is more classy once you head uptown.

I found myself in the Fish Markets- running an errand with my two best friends, Nesrin and Zaynab.
It was quite hilarious actually, both of them had never used public transport (we often joke about them being those privileged posh kids) so it was quite a shock for them to be confronted with the "overwhelming" concept of Light Rail.
I found catching the light rail to be something like a breeze! It's eco friendly, simple, a hybrid between a train and a bus, with an addition of people being so friendly! I don't recall anyone acting rude or ignorant- overall a lovely first experience for us. Now that I think about it, in comparison to the constant inappropriate remarks made on my daily routine of buses and trains, it strikes a mere 2 compared to Light Rail's 9.
Anyway, enough of my babble. Let's talk about the outfit!
Usually when I head into the city, I opt for more clean cut, simple outfits.
Geometrics, Minimalism, Understated with a pop of quirk.
That is my field of vision when it comes to dressing smart. I use an achromatic colour scheme paired with simple silhouettes and geometrics to compliment the structural lines of the city.
 From skyscrapers and gleaming windows to those rectangular brief cases those fancy office people carry every morning to coffee haha, I try to blend seamlessly into the city with this style.
In this case I've worn my classic black canvas shoes (budget friendly!) with no socks (channelling my inner Taylor Swift here), my sheer chiffon peter pan collared blouse, my bowler hat (one of my favourite pieces) and the highlight- my window pane patterned pants. Ooh, such a sleek and modern façade I often say to myself, when in actuality I'm one of these girls who freak out about the nearest Starbucks.
I love adding a few little quirks here and there, and when I see splashes of bold colour on my monochrome outfit, it adds life and freshness. Kind of like the culture and exciting vibe of the city don't you think? So in this case I've worn my wine red cardigan and my bright yellow tote bag. Now all that is missing is a splash of green, to replicate a traffic light!
Sometimes when I'm dressing up, I always try to encapsulate the vibe and environment of a location. Whether it's texture, colour, silhouette or print, I try to add things here and there to tell a story.

Big W- Wavezone Black Canvas Shoes
Pants- Temt
Cardigan- SES
Blouse- Azure
Hat- BooHoo
Clockwise: Nesrin, Yours Truly and Zaynab

The legendary leg flip haha
Oh my gosh and can we talk about Zaynab's outfit! Minimal in colour palette and all about the detail, it was so cute! She's shown here wearing a sparkly sequin off white sweater, a quilted Gucci purse, off blue jeans and nude heels.
You can't see it but she also wore a long silver necklace (I think there were a few gold accents there) which looked so chic! She may or may not have resembled an angel in the sunlight, with her sequins sparkling as far as the eye can see. Zaynab will be launching a blog of her own soon so I'm very excited! I also really loved Nesrin's top, the bold coloured vertical panels added so much life and vibrancy!
And that's it for now! Wishing you well and hope you have a great weekend!
xoxo, HML

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