4 Cute Christmas Looks: 2015 Edition

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thanks to polyvore ofc

Forget about the cosy sweater, Kylie-Jenner-esque thigh high boots and your infinity scarf.
Because it's time... to dress for AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS.

I remember how it saddened me (and still does) when I scrolled through Tumblr and Instagram and be immediately confronted with a bombardment warm saturated images of golden fairy lights, hot chocolate with a generous helping of whipped cream, and held in a cute little Christmas mug in front of a fire place.

And don't get me started on the clothes! Cosy cashmere sweaters, chic faux leather coats, scarves that are so long it could wrap up 100 mummies for sure... Ahh I guess the only way a white Christmas could possibly occur would be in my dreams, hohoho (get it? ha-ha but Christmas version? okay i'll take my leave now).

But despite that, I still make an effort to dress up or dress down for whatever Christmas occasion that comes around, and with a few smart clothing choices I try to remain festive while still combating the hot glaring sun and cool summer nights. I hope you feel inspired by these Polyvore sets for your next Christmas event :)

Quick run down:

1) Brunch
2) Dinner
3) Night Out
4) Sleep Over
Untitled #11

This I admit is one of my favourites.
A strong pastel influence was in this to reflect the sunny (and ridiculously hot) weather in the afternoon periods and to match the 'contemporary' look I see many people rockin' for Christmas. Ain't nothing wrong with a white Christmas tree amirite??
This should be worn during brunch, either at a picnic or an indoor event.
Essentials include:
  • Flowy dress for comfort
  • Low heels or sandals
  • Sunglasses to tackle le sun
  • Hat to tackle le sun
  • Sun screen to tackle... you get the point.
  • Lip balm (preferably tinted) because you'll be eating, and y'all know what happens to bleeding lipstick. Also it's hot and you don't want to be sweating makeup.
  • PONYTAIL OR BUN. Very important when you're tackling humidity. Also stops your hair from going crazy.

Untitled #10

Untitled #10 by helenmaele featuring holiday home decor


I gotta admit. When I saw those metallic midrise Lanvin shorts, I died a little inside. And I swore, no matter how difficult of a predicament life threw at me, I would always include this in at least one of my sets. And today twas the day my good comrades. I imagined this to be in a fancy diner with golden fairy lights and warm candle lights, so that excuses the traditional theme going on here.
This should be worn during a fancy dinner or any fancy outing that involves grown up people stuff.

Essentials include:
  • Chic lace top - looks effortlessly chic (but if it's a white top, be very careful and wear a napkin)
  • Metallic shorts- it's fun and joyful. Tailored ones look best, keeps it classic.
  • A forest green clutch- I didn't want to make it too cliché with the whole white, red and gold combo so green was another fun colour I wanted to toy with. It's adorable how the clamp looks just like a Christmas tree ornament too!
  • Nude Lip & Smokey Eye- Since you'll be eating, bleeding lipstick will not be an option! However, it's understandable to bring it up a notch with makeup, so go dramatic on the eyes while keeping it nude on the lips, much better than a noticeable bleeding red.
  • Black Heels- When I'm working with two fun colours, I like to tone it down with classic colours. Nude and White are also great.

Untitled #12

This look is slightly different, it's more daring, flirty and fun while still withholding that night theme I love!
This should be worn during a night out that doesn't involve eating excessively. Ideas include: theme parks, Christmas carols/concert, Christmas shopping...
Essentials include:
  • Crop top/Bralette- it's fresh and cool. Literally, summer nights are quite warm here.
  • A line skirt- It's simple, emphasises the waist and is so 90's.
  • Cardigan or loose kimono- In case it gets breezy, a loose cover up will definitely help.
  • Red Lip- it's bold and classic. If you'll be eating a bit more try tinted lip balm or lip stain. 
  • Heels/Sneakers- I would personally choose the heels, but if there is a lot of walking, go white canvas sneakers, again: simplicity is key. (I'M A MINIMALIST OK)

Untitled #9

And finally, we meet our last look. This one is so cosy and one I'd really like to try some time. Eating cookies dipped in cold chocolate milk, marathon of Christmas films, lighting a few festive candles... Goals I tell you, goals.
This should be worn during a sleep over. obviously.
Essentials include:
  • PJ Set- Personally I really dig this classic combo, (it looks comfortable too) but print ones should be fine as well, even the cheesy ones (recalls my first Google search of  an 'ugly sweater' and shudders). Make sure they're breathable though, cotton is the safest option.
  • Huge Duffle Bag- To fit everything required for your stay ofc!
  • Movies and Laptop- I love 'Home Alone' and 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. ALL TIME FAVES.
  • FOOD- Just make Christmas snacks, you'll thank me later. Nothing like a sleep over than some diy cooking amirite? *drools at pavlova and cookies*
And those are the looks! Hope you found it useful, whether it inspires you on what to wear, or even motivates you to celebrate Christmas even more this year! (I'm leaning towards the Christmas dinner hbu?)
I know, I know, try not to stress out on what to wear, I built these sets based on my preferences and functionality so if you've got both nailed down you should be all good :) Remember that Christmas is all about giving joy to the world and celebrating love of family and friends. Wishing you all a good one!
What was your favourite look?

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