Blog Update #1: What the heck is this?

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This is a new series I'm starting based around blog and social media development (oooh sounds fancy!). I don't think this will be a regular thing, but I basically wanted a space where I could talk about my blog slowly maturing, where not only I could see my progress but other fellow bloggers who are also new to the game can share ideas and hopefully learn something new! I'm also separating this post into questions, it's a fresher, more direct format which I dig.

Yes. I was aware of that haha. I have my seasonal photography series, my music series, this series and many more such as my fashion favourites and 'inspiration' series I'm hoping to launch. But it has crossed my mind. I've been thinking of creating an entirely new category based around favourites or even better, a 'Favourites' tag I see many bloggers doing, where you combine all topics into cute little subheadings, but it'd be a preeety long blog post which seems to turn me off. Oh well, I'll figure it out somehow. I think I'm happy with what I have now, but to make sure everything is in check, I'll be in need of a separate blog planner.

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Funny story is, I was walking around Wynyard and I used the opportunity to take a lot of architectural photos for my Instagram. It was around 5pm so it was quite dim, and no matter how much exposure I increased, the picture would not brighten to match my white theme I've been running for a while.
I was bummed out for a minute, but thinking the opportunity too big to pass up, I posted them anyway, using 'B5' in VSCO Cam to add a sort of sleek, old timey aesthetic to the skyscrapers, making up for the poor lighting. And so far it's worked so well that I'm kind of stuck on it for a while.

Look at dem defined highlights haha, love the contrast and the difference it makes on noticeable lighting.

Other reasons also include:
- wanting my widget feed to have it's own aesthetic on my blog

- ability to edit my thumbnails for once on my Instagram
- so easy to edit as a theme
- looks really good on screens and dark backgrounds (contrast)

However good things must come to an end, and I acknowledge that I can't stay in the B & W theme forever.
Introducing my new and improved tumblr
I've always neglected it for a while, as quoted from my best friend: I treated it like a "shit" blog. I'm glad I've renovated it now, as it allows me to not only promote my blog externally but will help me set my new "style" for my next Instagram theme and perhaps my future blog theme?

Patterns: Whites, Orange, Brown, Gold, Yellow, Black, Grey, Blues, Greens

Patterns: Use of blur, fade, highlights, exposure, cool and or creamy undertones, shadows, impromptu, white space and SUNSETS

Patterns: Pastels, soft and hard textures

It's normally a huge fuss changing up your whole theme. If you have "epic html skillz" then that's great, but not when downloading a template as you have to change up graphic sizes (thumbnail, header..), previously set categories or pages and so much more. I've always wanted to in the near future, but I'll have to see, (it's not my main focus right now).
One quick (and fuss free) way to change up your look is by changing your colour scheme, changing your header, adding a customised signature or your icon. You know. The little things. :)

At first I didn't really care about centering text until I was reading Zoella's blog posts, and I really liked the look of it! It looks cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing and impactful. Are you a fan of centering text and graphics?

I've been neglecting it for a while which is pretty bad haha. It's a great promoting tool and also fantastic to follow other bloggers and read their posts. I haven't had time to read other posts unfortunately but I'll definitely get around to revitalising my blog reading passion.
Click here to check out my bloglovin.

I think my goal so far is to read as many bloggers possible, it's great learning something new, content and writing wise. My favourite blogger so far is mylifeaseva, her writing style is similar to mine, and I love how she has fun with her photography, literal blog goals!

Another one is to pose better for OOTD photos. I'm awkward af especially when I'm put on the spot outdoors, so I'm gonna have to work on that :')
Useful post I found on this (from one of my other fave bloggers)

And that's all. Thank you for reading and hoped you learnt something! Any questions, feel free to ask below.

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