Eclipse Nail Polish: Review + Colours + Nail Painting Tips?

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This is my first pair of nail polishes! EEEEK! I've been waiting for some time to get them, and as soon as I saw that four letter word (SALE of course), I was leaping to get them in my hands!
Alright, let's get to it :) *hurriedly types*
 I got these from Morning Glory, also known as that super mega "kawaii" store with approximately 20% k-pop, 40% cute vintage inspired stationary and 40% of things you never knew you needed but YOU GOTTA HAVE THEM ANYWAY (ie cute little mugs or landscape phone stands).
Excuse me, I digressed slightly.
Anyway, I picked up these two colours for a "2 for $5' deal which didn't seem so bad at the time. The colour choices weren't that bad either. However, 99% of the shades were literally the shimmery kind of nail polishes (see the rose gold) and the only colour that came in the glossy kind was white.
So I went straight for the classics and metallic and as you can see, I picked up the staple glossy white and the super trendy rose gold.

The rose gold was absolutely amazing to apply. It was smooth, didn't dry super fast and didn't create bumps during application. I only needed about 2 coats. Wouldn't it look so cute with a Christmas or NYE outfit?
The white one however, was a little tad bit of a nightmare. It dried fast- the minute you took the brush out of the container it was like a rock, and when applying, it created bumps along the surface that was so frustrating, especially when I was painting on my right hand haha. It needed about 3 or more coats, and I still couldn't get it right.
The only nail that worked was my pinky, and I'm guessing when you're dealing with crappy nail polishes like these (understandable because it was so cheap), it's best to work on small surfaces. Maybe next time I should use this colour for a French tip style don't you think?
I'm a bit of a noob at this sort of thing, so after my first experience at painting these bad boys (aka nails) I've picked up on a few lessons.
Always make sure to file, smooth down and shape your nails perfectly before painting.
Add a protective layer over your nails using a clear top coat. It'd really help during those activities that really put pressure on your nails (dishwashing, cooking etc). You can also use a topcoat underneath as base coat, apparently it really helps with those stains you get with darker nail polishes.
 This was a huge barrier for me to paint the other hand. You know. THE OTHER HAND.
I asked for advice from my best friend Alysiah, and this is what she said.
Well gee thanks for the enthusiasm. Luckily I have something that might help. It's called the "Away and Towards". What you do is, when painting the sides and majority of the front (of the nail), pull your palm away from your body, faced on the table, flat. Carefully move your finger left and right to catch those sides.
When painting the annoying bottom of your nail (near the skin part), it might help to move your palm towards your body, cupped in a fist, the same way I posed in my first photo (excluding the thumbnail).  Then, fill in the bottom parts carefully (slightly moving the brush up into the little crevices) and you're done!
I know you feel a bit hasty sometimes but this one is a must. ALWAYS make your coats thin, it dries much faster and avoids most lumps and thick layering. Usually it should take 2-3 coats.
And that is pretty much it! Tell me what are your tips and current favourite colours?
Good luck with nail painting!



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