Favourite Shots in Spring 2015

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Lol, I nearly forgot.

These posts are so infrequent, after all I only get to write them each season! Oh well, maybe it's a sign to take a photography trip somewhere haha.

Overall, this season was difficult to capture. Exams, commitments, projects were galore and it was hard to observe the beauty of nature birthing when you're stressing about that English short story due the next day. However despite the lack of photos I had produced from my inspiration lacking brain, I had learnt one very important lesson this season. The art of editing. No more will I scroll through Instagram and increase the brightness. Those days were gone! Now comes VSCO Cam (it's here to stay), and the importance of not only brightness, but contrast, saturation, shadows and highlights. I also experimented with coloured tints to really accentuate a feature of a photo.

Therefore, working with what I have, these were a few (I was underestimating myself- when I started searching for my spring photos I realised there was quite a considerable sum lmao) of my favourite photos.

I underestimated myself, I know I know. Overall I was impressed. Lack of nature photos I agree, but I love the use of saturation to really brighten up those lovely daisies and coloured walls etc. Plenty of high brightness and highlights, but I love the play of shadows and lighting that really added that extra oomph to the shots. AND A LOT OF FOOD SHOTS. I'm trying to avoid being that person but come on. If you're eating something healthy isn't it practically an excuse in itself? *quickly dashes to cover a curtain above the ice cream*

I doubt I'll be taking a lot of summer related photos this year (cue clich√© donut floaties, pool side photos, a day at the beach candid shots, a pair of distressed acid-wash high-waisted denim shorts worn on some seriously tanned legs) because I'm such an antisocial person who doesn't want to bathe in the humidity :'D Oh well, I'll try to enjoy summer break somehow. Enjoy your afternoon!

xxx HML
What was your favourite shot? What photos did you take the most this spring? (food, flowers, architecture, people?)

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