Organisation 101: Emotional Break Down/Study Edition?

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We all have those days where we just give up for a while. Whether it's going through a break up, nearing the end of school or anything in general, it's easy to give up on life's ongoing demands. The laundry basket piling up, the clutter on your desk increasing tremendously (so much so that you wouldn't be surprised if a cat lived under that heap) and the amount of uncompleted errands you still haven't even set foot in.

Every time I have a 'hiatus' like this, I would always make sure to organise the shit out of my current situation. Whether its cleaning up my bed room, replying to emails, making a planner.. I'll do anything and everything to put my life back in order so I feel in control once again.

I've been going through a pretty hard time recently so this post relates to me and my situation,  but if you have any tips that could help someone else, please let me know in the comments! I hope this inspires you to realise that there is no better time than now to revive yourself, and start a new YOU. If you're also needing tips on prepping for the new school term, come on in! I have a few tips that might help.
Vacuumed? CHECK.

Did the bed for once? CHECK.
The first and obvious step is to clean up. It's really refreshing because you're removing the dirt of yesterday and welcoming the new opportunities of tomorrow. In other words, when I throw away useless sheets of English class my teacher tends to overpopulate me with, I feel so freaking amazing.
Other ways you can clear up/clear out include:
- Cleaning rooms
- Throwing away trash/litter
- Throwing away unnecessary things (that expired stray candy you left in the bottom of your bag)
- Hand wash delicate clothing (may I recommend lingerie bags?)
- Ironing!
- Sort/do laundry
- Vacuum/Mop floor
- Donate things to charity
- Spray/Wipe/Dust surfaces
- Do your bed etc.
Basically spring clean the whole place (I usually only clean my bedroom and study room because I live with my parents haha). You'll feel so accomplished, bonus points if you clean up something you've been putting off! (such as that coat you were supposed to take to the dry cleaners last season, same Helen same).
This is directed more at students still in high school. If you still have old assignments/tests or books hanging around- this is perfect. Start by placing documents in a number of piles, I did mine in three (unorganised sheets, old tests/assignments, current books/hw). Then, I packed away my old documents in my study binder (one for each subject), my current books/hw in my school binder, and any unorganised sheets in a tray, where I could sort them out in their appropriate places later. Things like university brochures, or permission notes can belong here.
This is a great way to know what goes where, so you don't feel lost and you sure as hell won't miss a thing. And yes, you could finally be that mum who magically knows where everything went, even that pesky old homework you thought had magically teleported to another dimension.
After I've sorted out all the documents, I usually split or move my desk. If you haven't already, move the desk closer to the window, natural lighting is best while working. I split the desk into little 'compartments' using masking tape, and label them. OK OK, I may be obsessive when I literally put a label where I want my tissue box to be, but I do this to make sure the next time I clean up, I know exactly where it needs to go. This also helps me when I have 'piles'- in this case I would always put my school books on the right side of my desk, so to remember this I simply mark the spot.
This helps me next time my table is in disarray, or when I need to find something. Anything increasing functionality of my work space is an a-plus to me!

A plus labelling right there!

Yep. I know. I have problems.
 After organising the physical shit, it's time to plan, plan, plan.
I have two types of organisational documentation (I SOUND SO PRO), Planners- which I treat as an overview of necessary events, and Diaries, a day by day recording of errands.
I've made a simple table on Microsoft Word of Summer Break, where I record stuff like blog posting days, any outings and study days.
It's so functional because it's a 'month at a glance' view and is perfect for preparing things beforehand!
I also like to sit down and see any days which I'm free, so I can work on myself or call up a few of my friends and have a day out somewhere. (Now if only I had friends who are free haha lol)
This part is incredibly therapeutic for me, usually when I finish planning I feel focused on my path in life, and ready for the month ahead.
A look at my December planner.
 As stated, I use my diary as my day to day recording, perfect for school and studying. I have two, one is my school one so I can quickly record down hw and assignments in the little spaces provided, and the other one is my bullet journal.
... you can tell which one is the school appropriate one, and which is the stay at home journal.

A look at my school diary

To summarize, a bullet journal is basically a personal organisation system based on the type of bullets you designate to specific tasks. It helps you sort out what tasks are priority, leisure and so on. It adapts to your lifestyle and is perfect for everything, even little ideas that you can note down. If you're interested, check out this website, it really helped me start my own.

I've neglected it for a while, but I've been inspired to pick it up again. What I usually do is after school, I would record everything from my school diary onto my bullet journal and organise it by marking bullets. It's like my final draft, where I can schedule and add in extra notes of my tasks in the space that I need.
A look at my bullet journal

This is optional, but these extra stationary can also help with organising life. Of course there's the obvious highlighters, hole puncher for the sheets and paper clips, but the most important one IMO is the notepad. I love this one, because it's big and widely lined. I use this to write notes, what ever pops in my head that I could expand on later (or write in my bullet journal), is written on this pad. This is my life saver and my bae. Kisses to my pad. I also love this because it's from UWS, a Uni I'm thinking of studying in. #notsponsoredsrslylol

And that's pretty much it! Hope it helps you out on organising the demands of life, and inspire you to take control again! Even if you're just  here for study tips, I'm glad you learnt something. Much love.


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