Music Loves #2: Adele, G- Eazy, Pia Mia

By 16:53

Before you read- I'd like to say that I won't be posting every three days now, only ever Sunday because school is back (You may proceed!)

Welcome to my second playlist! I've surprised myself with a liking to hip hop artists Pia Mia, G- Eazy and grunge-esque singers like Halsey. This one was long overdue, but I feel like this short playlist encapsulates my idealistic/sensual/hippie mood right now.


  • When We Were Young- Adele
  • Earned It- The Weeknd
  • Where You Belong- The Weeknd
  • New Americana- Halsey
  • Ocean Drive- Duke Dumont
  • Youth- Troye Sivan
  • Red Love- Pia Mia
  • I Mean It- G- Eazy
  • Me Myself and I- G- Eazy


  • Adele absolutely wows me in this song, it oozes out teenage nostalgia and the beauty of youth, which is something that is so alluring to me. It was absolutely beautiful and broke my heart, everything was so perfect, every beat felt like it was instilled in a moment of time just like the memories they (Adele and the person she sings about) had together and every high note expressed the greatest yearning of the past. Adele you are a boss!
  • My god, Fifty Shades of Grey OST may be old but is absolutely, seductively, enticingly flawless, and The Weeknd's songs are no exception. He absolutely shines in 'Earned It' and ESPECIALLY 'Where You Belong'. His songs are so well written, sung and produced- he takes you places so dark yet hauntingly enticing, it leaves you wanting for more and more- whatever that can mean ;) No doubt though, The Weeknd is truly one of the masters at emulating that sensual dark vibe.
  • Halsey was one of those artist I never thought I'd listen to. I really enjoy her remarks in the song with strong themes of feminism, free love and free speech among other things. The world in which talks about people embracing each other's uniqueness is so utopia like. There may be references I don't fully understand, but it's indeed a powerful song.
  • Ocean Drive is one of those 'road trip' songs, it's groovy and hippie influenced and in my opinion- imagery of sunsets, deserts, bokeh and late night star gazing appear. The teen vibes are too strong in this song haha! It feels so 'free' listening to it- a song with a similar theme is Galantis's Runaway (U &I).
  • Troye Sivan wows me again. 'Youth' not only has the 'nostalgic and free' theme I was talking about, but Sivan's smooth calming vocals compliment how he depicts his 'Youth' as a gift to his significant other. 'Youth' seems like an alter ego of Troye, the less serious, less adult, spontaneous personality which is so unique, I've never heard a song portraying the idea of 'Youth' in this way.
  • Pia Mia damn! 'Red Love' was a song I was never familiar with until a few days ago. It talks about giving your vulnerability to your first love (either physical or emotional) but instead they toss it away and 'never look back'. It's beautiful how she accepts in the end, that even if she never gets 'it' back at least her first love was someone who she had truly loved, a relationship that felt pure in the moment. Her vocals are perfect as well, she needs to sing more songs like these!
  •  G- Eazy is also a new artist, and I was only familiar with him after his song 'Me Myself And I' in which he talks about needing a bit of time alone and privacy. 'I Mean It' is a more comical take on the real issue surrounding the controversy that he is a rapper who claims more than he actually does. As quoted from
G-Eazy is starting to get big now and up sparks the question… Does Gerald really practice what he preaches? “I Mean It” is his reminder to everyone that he is real about everything he is saying.
And that's it! What are your favourite songs so far? Have you heard any of my favourites?

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