My 2016 Mood/Inspo Board

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You've probably seen it all over Tumblr or Instagram.

Scrolling through a #2016board tag, studyspo blogs or any hipster blog, mood boards are galore.
At first I wasn't sure if I was going to attempt this project. I only had one magazine and a crappy printer, so producing a 'pinterest' esque board was definitely out of the question. But amazingly, somehow I took it on myself to do it. (I few Instagram photos helped) Reasons were as follows.
- I needed wall décor
- I wanted inspiration and motivation when I was studying/procrastinating
- I wanted to visualise my style and aesthetic physically.
There was something quite magical as I thoroughly scrambled through each page of my magazine and snipped out graphics and text that caught my eye. It felt as if I was building myself, creating a composition of who I was and what I believed on a huge A3 page. It grew massively from a little art project into some sort of therapy for me- looking at all these images of inspirational quotes and women I aspire to be, re-evaluated who I was and made me feel grounded in a sense. This is who I am and it's intricate and wondrous.
I split the board in different sections.
- Motivation
- Girl Loves
- My Style & Who I am.
I have a lot of motivational quotes on my board, including the resolutions of working out to studying and being productive. The words are kind of all over the place, so let me give you a tour!
Excuse the editing and glare, damn lighting!
Over on the left side, I've stuck the word 'wellbeing' because it's been one of my resolutions to be healthier. Any hey, not only physically but mentally as well! GTFO anxiety! I've also added 'fresh', 'sort' and 'no filter' because I'm determined to be more organised and less apologetic this year. Basically a fresh start!

Over on the right side, I have 'my beauty' to symbolise my resolution to accept who I am and my own uniqueness. I also have a quote on refusing to back down from life in the top right corner (something I do really often, I have a lot of breakdowns lol) and a huge quote pushing me to use the most of this year to create the life I want, whether it's sticking with the good vibes or studying harder.
I also have a few adjectives that demonstrate my character, to constantly remind myself to stay true to who I am. Examples are: fabulous, radiant, brave and stylish ;)


Here are a few that didn't make it onto the board!  The circle one says 'the ugly truth' that reminds me to also be honest, even when the truth can hurt someone else. I then have the quote below it, which emphasizes the lesson of not making something a 'responsibility' but instead turning it into your way of life. Hint hint study and blogging life ;) No lie, I've been quite stressed busting out a lot of posts, but since it's the holidays, I want to provide as much content as I can before the going gets tough!
Haha and the last one is a bit sassy. Normally I'd take my anger out by complaining, but this one reminds me to always succeed, it's the best way to say bye bye to the haters!
Over on the right section of my board is taken over by few lovely ladies, Their names are as follows: Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Lily Singh aka Superwoman, Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence. I'll talk about most of them in another blog post, but to sum up.. I love how these women represent free love, embracing your unique weirdness and to work hard to achieve your dreams. These women are dedicated to what they do, constantly challenge the norms and exude positivity and confidence. These sexy individuals are so creative with their work and it's even more awesome that they're women. Every time I look at these ladies, I feel like I can accomplish anything.

 After pasting everything I can see the pattern of which my style is heading towards. I'm very into minimalism and romantic elements. Not too feminine as in Lolita fashion, but the clash between intricacy/delicacy and classic/simple works so beautifully that it ties very well with Parisian fashion. I've always considered myself a NYC girl, with shades of black and bold colours.. that certainly hasn't changed. But I'm more balanced than eccentric I confess, anything outrageous as a zesty orange would be a simple a line dress paired with a clean cut Wild fox pair of glasses. Ah, I guess sometimes there's a Lauren Conrad in me some days and a Taylor Swift in the next. Texture is also my fave, faux fur or anything that feels leathery/snakeskin (faux ofc) is me! (fun fact: wendyslookbook taught me the importance of mixing textures and prints)
This gives me a lot of insight into how I want my apartment to look when I (hopefully) get to move out. Clear, minimal yet intricate or bold details here and there. *when you really want to go to Paris or New York like damn*
The gorgeous lady with the chin level bob encapsulates my dream hairstyle right now, I love bobs, especially with wispy bangs and casual/messy hair. So Parisian, so chic.
The word 'wanderlust' has been on my mind these days. According to the best invention since sliced bread called the internet, 'wanderlust' means the desire to constantly wander or travel. I do that a lot, whether it's travelling to islands or interesting sights for a bit of history here and there. I often find myself normally forgetting a map once we get to a place, and just discovering places on my own. Capturing the moments that matter to me is important when I'm in a phase of wanderlust. The world is your oyster my friend.
The phrase 'blogger' has felt slightly uncomfortable especially right now. Not only am I disadvantaged because it's my final year of high school and my major test is coming so I won't be posting as much, but I'm starting to wonder if this will be a lifestyle I will pursue. I'm not exactly the best writer or photographer, but I love capturing moments and words seem to do just that, along with my love for photography. We'll have to tell whether this motivation stands the tests of time. So from now on, the question mark remains.
And that's it! Hope you learnt something. Have you made a mood/inspo board?




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