Rundown Report: 2016 Autumn/ Winter Trends

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I wouldn't say I was early, but I wouldn't say I was late! Thanks to climate change, the seasons have been getting delayed- so technically Autumn came a month late. It's all good though, I have more time on my hands to write about fashion (FINALLY) so here are my sweet sweet fruits of labour!

Trends are everywhere nowadays, so it's handy to get a feel of what styles are coming up to invest in a few key trendy pieces or see what stores are showcasing this autumn and winter. Here I've compiled a list of trends that have been sweeping the fashion world and showcase related polyvore sets. Credits to the Vogue websites I've used are down below!


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This cold season features the recurring theme of femininity. Perfect pastels accentuate an affectionate look, while metallics and sequins play with the little light fall and winter offer. Love the metallic pants, it's such a statement but doesn't look too fancy!

The 70's

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It's all about the 70's, baby. You saw it coming with the flare jeans! Other notable 70 pieces are floral dresses, lace up tops, innocent white lace dresses and mod accessories. If you're not a fan of the flares, culottes are an interesting way of adding a bit of seventies in your closet too!

Faux it up

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Faux fur is not only appropriate, but stunning as well! It reminds me of old Hollywood and adds a touch of chic to your outfit. Notable trends have been faux fur accessories, anoraks and vests. Shearling coats have been increasingly popular, I've seen many jackets that have faux leather and a shearling collar.



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The 90's have been a trend that for sure hasn't gone away. Chokers are galore and accessories such as chains and studs have been around for a while (see Valentino's famed stud heels). Pieces such as bomber jackets, distressed denim, slashed leggings, turtlenecks and aline dresses/skirts and overalls are everywhere right now, it's like time travel back to the 90's!



Untitled #19

Ahh perfections for the minimalist. We're always inspired by the military, colours like navy, black, camel and white have always been around, but there's a new addition to the game: khaki. Camel coats have been big along with capes (aka ponchos) and trench coats. Reefer jackets are still here paired with epaulettes, and nautical inspired Briton stripes are no different. This is perfect for people who'd like to stay in trend but want something classic- these pieces are literally timeless.

The 80's

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The sexy sleek eighties. We're talking vinyl, latex, faux leather, quilted jackets/ skirts/ accessories, off the shoulder tops, velvet and suede. Fashion is heading towards darker, edgier and sexier textures which is so cool *0*

Boho/ Folk and splash of Tribal

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Lastly a trend that Perrie Edwards will love, boho! It's the heart and soul of Coachella fashion- and it's a trend right now. From flowy shapes to floral and folk prints and patterns- these pieces are strong examples of what's to come. Fringe is a perfect example of this- it also corresponds heavily to the 70's.

Hope this can make up for my long hiatus, I hope to do more fashion posts in the future! What trend are you most likely wearing this season?


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