Spring Must Haves!

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I'm currently cosying it up in fall right now (thankfully its been colder this time around), but I've recently been inspired instead to make a spring related post. This is for all my Northern Hemisphere readers! I've normally not ventured into accessories because self admittedly I haven't seen ones that match me: either I'm too afraid to wear them or they're too expensive for my next to nil disposable income.

After speaking with my buds at Spring, I've selected my top 10 fave spring accessories. I'll also link the urls of all the accessories I've chosen. These items are also between $0 to $75 to make it more budget friendly for y'all! Here's the link to the awesome accessories page if you'd like to check it out.

1) Luna Round Cat Eye Sunglasses


2) True Vintage Fashion Style Clear Lens Eyeglasses Round Frames R45


3) Reserves Polo Cap- Baby Blue


4) The Cannes Hat- Natural With Black Band

$92  $55.20

5) Square Scarf in Blue Stripe


6) Timex Vintage Originals

$70 $56

7) Entree LS Don't Be A Sheep "Dad Hat" Ball Cap in White


8) Tony Scarf- Ivory


9) Metallic Skinny Leather Belt

$35.50 $19.88

10) Anika Bow in Grey


This one was really the coolest one no doubt, what an awesome tie!

Hopefully these worthwhile investment pieces I've chosen can be classic accessories for your wardrobe! It was interesting picking out my favorites as I'm not one to invest a lot in accessories, but after completing this, I might invest in a staple piece!

Have a wonderful week.
xxx HML

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